Phoenix Technology News Beijing time on July 19th news, according to technology blog ZDNet reported that Google recently acquired the domain name, will be used to provide short URL services for Google products.

and short domain name service website Bitly and TinyURL, Google has launched its short URL products in 2009 The product remains unchanged after the acquisition, do not make adjustments.

but is different, it is only connected with the Google portal. Even if the user does not know where the page will be redirected to the site, the site will only lead to Google’s website. As a result, the link is legalized, and makes the end user more trust in the site.

In addition, the domain name simplifies access to Google’s Web site, especially when users want to quickly share information on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, and more convenient, and more convenient to access the

. At the same time, the existence of a short URL also makes it easier to add URL address in advertising.

but there are no other pages in addition to the home page The platform is still under development.

Google official short domain name is developed with the.CO Internet SAS domain name company. The company also launched the Twitter T.Co, as well as Overstock’s O.Co.