Abstract: headquartered in Shanghai, exands is a commercial wireless network as the core of the customer interaction system service provider, exands has announced the completion of the B+ round of financing. Previously, exands in 2014 by ZTE co-founder A round of investment, in March 2015 by the Hui capital lead investor, HFI, Baidu and ZTE co-founder of gold investment group with the investment B round of investment.

days ago, the international well-known brand preferred WiFi partners exands announced that it has completed the B+ round of financing, investment for the Shanghai Zhang Jiang torch Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Zhang Jiang torch"). Exands for high-end chain stores and large commercial centers to provide WiFi operations services, through the financing, exands will further expand market share and the establishment of WiFi cloud services ecosystem.

is headquartered in Shanghai, exands is a commercial wireless network as the core business interaction system of service providers, as Wi-Fi Short Message certification, Wi-Fi national roaming inventor, the company is committed to the enterprise and provide consumers with convenient seamless, real-time online, high-speed network security services.

as a professional service provider of commercial WiFi, exands in the domestic first created the public "SMS authentication, SMS links a key Internet", "WiFi national roaming and other functions, for international and domestic brands, commercial real estate, luxury goods, supermarkets, banks, financial institutions and other enterprises and provide consumers with convenient, seamless real-time online, high-speed commercial WiFi service security. Its independent research and development of the WiFi cloud platform to support access to 38 major domestic and foreign manufacturers of WiFi devices, the chain of customers in the country’s more than and 200 cities and global stores unified standardized management.


, we have a full range of Starbucks stores conducted a rigorous field visits and tune, confirmed the country’s Starbucks stores in more than 65% stores WiFi by exands operations." Zhang Jiang torch head of the project for the injection of exands full of confidence: by exands to provide commercial WiFi services international and domestic chain of 239 brands. Behind Starbucks, Wagas, Nike, Haagen Dazs, Bvlgari, Wanda Plaza, Zhengda Plaza and many other scenes of urban life quality are provided by exands WiFi service. Exands’s business model exempt Wifi login page of the third party advertising, consumer experience as a priority, and stability, security, concurrency and other indicators of the ability to allow businesses to pay."

Zhang Jiang is the torch technology financial function platform of Zhang Jiang Park, carrying the support of science and technology enterprises in the park, an important responsibility to help the construction of branch center." Lv Zong said, Zhangjiang torch management is very optimistic about the deep accumulation of exands technology and research and development in WiFi. We look forward to exands in the Zhangjiang.