talk about business website promotion work first, you must first understand the positioning, promotion website planning and construction and other aspects, or in the business scope of the company, it is in the circle of relationships in the role. Only truly understand the content, you can serve the site, in order to better complete the promotion work.

first point: site positioning, planning and construction

ideas determine the way out, the height of the decision attitude. How to locate the site, how to planning and construction, integration of existing resources most beneficial, constructing and perfecting the service core value? These are need to fully consider and determine the relative matters of construction site. And these matters will be the impact of the entire operation of the site, directly determine the final project revenue. Often due to an idea or see others are gain and tail with the flow, began to use the resources, website platform architecture. No matter what the original intention, we must consider the feasibility of the site to be prepared to build a platform to make a more rational positioning, planning, and the construction of a step-by-step. Such as a web site for those groups; the need to build what kind of function and content platform service people; function of early site of the how to meet the most basic service needs; how to combine the follow-up function now resources or innovation on the basis of the existing face; the behavior of users how to take the method to do data analysis and interactive information resources etc.. All of these are sufficient to promote the work of the direction of the choice of a great impact. At present, the real estate portal website of my service, company has been in the real estate industry, media service providers positioning, therefore, the construction site operators are facing the real estate industry has become an important media resources.

second points: online promotion

for online promotion methods have many kinds, here only introduce the following:

1, search engine: now, in the face of the vast amount of information on the Internet, the user needs to find the information resources more accurately, I believe the current search engine is the best choice. The search engine marketing has become one of the main channels to get the site to show the channel. Search engine marketing is the main way can be divided into search engine advertising and search engine optimization (SEO), but no matter what kind of way, the content of the show must be to meet the user’s effective demand for information. After all, now the search engine information is far from being able to meet the people’s true willingness to search. At present, SEO is our real estate website in the search engine marketing which is the main choice, a large number of long tail keywords can bring a lot of traffic to the site.

2 channel cooperation: on how to channel columns and other sites to cooperate, believe that problems most web site operators have the. Due to limited resources, the focus within the scope of business has relied on, cannot be equal all the resources invested, which resulted in the development of asymmetric. Therefore, powerful alliances, the release of authority, focus on resources will be an important step in the rapid development of business. For example, "