may each new webmaster friends are very optimistic, think to do a website, then N every day many people visit, such as the hard site is good, actually found that the website promotion is the most difficult (of course this is for new master, please bypass).

In fact,

for the novice, SEO is not a simple matter, I believe we have the feeling it; it looked at our website half-dead, only anxious


the answer is negative, is willing to work, that we have to share (the plane is to rely on run to fly).

in fact, the Internet is famous for a number of large platforms, such as QQ, Sina, 51 and so on, and their user base is very much, so we just have to absorb part of it is very powerful.

As for how to absorb

, it depends on you what kind of website, for example my site of small game, I think to do such promotion, the first to have a good record of the domain name, or a name (the only site in favor of Baidu ranked first).

As we all know,

small game website very much, and they have done very powerful, what do I win? I registered the domain name, first the domain name I advantage, a brief note that the website thing is not to say, not in the scope of this day the discussion. When it comes to the use of the Internet platform, I chose QQ, because the QQ user base is too terrible, from the child to the elderly, presumably know QQ….

and inside the scope of QQ is very large, I subdivided, will use QQ space, a simple analysis of the QQ space users are mostly young; a QQ space interaction is very good, and I also know QQ space, because I had space for several years…. in fact, the key lies in the interaction, so we can quickly attract our users; young men and women love to play in the QQ space, these should be needless to say, you look at your content and decide, and my little game promotion is easy, and as the star space ah, you can to flee the door, inside the super fans, and then to a transition to attract.

today to give you an idea, in fact, many methods, we can go out more, don’t be naive to think that Baidu will give you every day to many IP, even if you look at a minute a statistic is useless…..