"North America daily" published in the list of the new long entrenched education study list list, the highest ranking new index close to 900.

not long ago, they announced the acquisition by the station education collar vote, North American money letters with 10 million yuan Pre-A round of financing, has become a new strength of entrepreneurship in the content of school.

daily to do their own creative T-shirt (left for Lin Guoyu)


January 2014, North America’s birthday newspaper, the official line on the line, today has accumulated up to about 600000 students with high quality. Two shootings after birth, no door, financing partners, who later met Xu Xiaoping, began to hold its ground development, founder of Lin Guoyu story of ups and downs.

when studying abroad into the homes of ordinary people, about studying abroad and foreign students is not only a topic, but an industry. To his own experience as a starting point, Lin Guoyu hopes to "North America daily" has become the returnees entrepreneurs 36 krypton, students abroad NEW YORKS and TIME UsNews, students, parents and students before going abroad Wikipedia, the intermediary industry "commission".

two shooting incident spawned public number

2008, Lin Yu has to go to the United States undergraduate school, at that time a total of only 38 Chinese students. Without the guidance of previous experience, there is no formal access to information channels, then the school (Renren) as their main source of information. "But every one of them returns get this thing, his diary will be regarded as a classic."

2012 shooting USC, when students in Losangeles gathered to mourn, domestic public opinion was killed when the students ride the BMW car as the focus, to talk about "luxury" and other topics students. This makes them suddenly understand that foreign students have so many misconceptions.

January 2014 Purdue after the shootings, several students at the scene sent Lin Guoyu to the scene information. Soon, the North American birthday newspaper on the push of the preview. Lin Guoyu memories, the day throughout the United States and even Canada, China students circle of friends in scraper.

second days, Lin Guoyu updated a more detailed push. The "breaking news" for the "North American birthday newspaper" has brought 5000 users, in fact, also affected the "North American study birthday newspaper" the future trend of style.

new list: when you are the first person, how to do it?

Lin Guoyu: the beginning started with all the public number of people are the same, is their way, from dawn to dusk every day to write the article. Slowly people join us, the market is more and more recognized, with investment and