people have a lot of weaknesses, commercial companies use him to make money, and you?

QQ China is undoubtedly the most widely used instant messaging software, his business model is almost swept the internet almost all of the profit model. Recently discovered accidentally lit QQ icon, the word has a lot of people in the search, I noticed that the original QQ icon there are a lot of people in the attention. QQ found that the business promotion is also more interesting, QQ friends of the information bar business icon list, this icon can not only allow more people to buy the business, but also to promote new business.

many users want to own all the icons are lit, so the idea of letting netizens have psychological comparisons, and QQ use of Internet users such formal psychological comparisons, started endless money. Want to open all of these businesses are expensive, QQ member, QQ QQ yellow diamond, red diamond and so on these one month down to tens of dollars.

as a business company this practice is not questioned, we have no right to question.

a head ache, Skynet, thinking is disorderly. Since we have no right to blame the Tencent, we have to compromise. A lot of people on the Internet to lighten the QQ icon is not very understanding of the method, so I made a special presentation on how to lighten the QQ icon page QQTODO want to be a little useful for Internet users.

seems to have been depressed lately, thinking all the time. QQ success factors, but there are many worthy of our study. Many other people in the use of things we do not use, so we are very ordinary.