blog promotion, the introduction of the network has been a lot of ways, and I was to use the blog article SEO rankings, the use of third pages to the site with the principle of traffic. What is the third page is to use their own web site is not a good result in the search results in the rankings to bring their own web site. The general use of third pages to do traffic are some adult websites, portals, etc.. Here’s an example of my own website to illustrate:

I am small dragon game web site has about 20 days or so, will stick to update the article every day, but also in their own Sina blog posted a few feel easy to do the ranking. For example, the word is also a martial arts hero hot day, tens of thousands of search volume, and I choose its Related words, the martial arts hero plug-in, to find on this article online, he posted on tidy, reproduced to the Sina blog, OK, simple and quick.

on the same day, Baidu included this blog article "tour Dragon Network – martial arts hero plug-in download"

and Baidu martial arts hero plug-in this word blog was ranked second, and my website home page in the eighth wd=%CE%E4%C1%D6%D3%A2%D0%DB%CD%E2%B9%D2 we can look at Kazakhstan. Ranked in the first few of the role of such a big


OK we know the idea of it