I believe that Taobao

customers have been very familiar with, the needless to say, the promotion method is various, not one by one to say, now I want to directly into today’s topic through group website forms to promote Taobao customers.

First of all,

said that suitable for the conditions of this project:

1, the site will be built, do not be too complicated, will be used, will change a little template can be recommended in terms of the program using the blog program WordPress or Zblog.

2, there is enough space and domain name, because we want to build a website, space and domain name is essential.

3, there is a determination to adhere to, just do not give you the beginning of how much income, but the power can not be ignored.

4, with a little SEO knowledge, this is not necessary, you can learn in the follow-up, SEO is also the case.

now talk about the general idea, now Taobao promotion customer shopping guide Station generally choose a large class of products or products to promote such a station, promotion website SEO is very difficult to do well, targeted is not strong, but only for the promotion of a small products or even a product and build a network of stations. Now there are people to do, but not many people, so we take the chance to build a single product site, will be harvested.

reading here, if you are interested in this project? If you are still interested in looking at the following, please download "understand share: in October 2009 the latest version of using station Taobao guest", must take more than two articles look at the following content, because the content is improved under the surface on the basis of.

is a little more serious mistake in understand the tutorial, I will immediately put out here, "said don’t understand to learn SEO", in his view to learn SEO people pay too much attention to technical problems, instead of original content, his views on some zouhuorumo SEOR is suitable, but not all of SEOR so that a real SEOR necessary SEO knowledge will only make him to write more in line with the original content of search engine. But SEO don’t think too mysterious, all of SEO’s work can be summarized in a few words, "selected keywords, do website, do the chain", as long as you understand the words, you are a qualified SEOR. Well, the following steps into the specific implementation.

1, product selection and the determination of target keywords. It can be said that the choice of products and target keywords, which are mutually affected by the constraints, the two aspects should be taken into account, the following separate specific analysis.

product selection: demand for product sales is also good, the owner of a high reputation, the buyer has been evaluated too, this is the premise. Secondly, the commission can not be too low, if it is too low, even if there is no meaning to buy, we just help the owner to accumulate credibility, and our income will be minimal, I personally choose Commission in 3>