I entered the "Internet" some time later, at the end of 2006, began to understand the Internet, began to familiar with open source, dedecms, Kang Sheng Empire series, and try to build some of the station, after several years of torment, since that has a certain understanding of the "Internet" of his Wuhan SEO blog just! Built up, one thirty while does not have what new thing can be written, or put the old things out summary, summing up


in the near future, I will be the "network to promote the ultimate article" as the main body to sum up their own network learning in recent years to promote the use of, see the method. There are many methods, such as: network promotion forum, forum signature, classification of information, ask to know, blog, soft Wen promotion, blog group built, e-mail group, QQ series, micro-blog promotion and so on; these methods are good methods of any kind as long as you put it to the extreme, the effect is absolutely good times


today: summarize the QQ group promotion! This promotion methods, I have been in use, but not extreme; today speaks the QQ group promotion is what I see, I’m a friend of Xiao Huting, I also entered the "Internet" teacher, he put the QQ group promotion do extreme, and also received a very good



2009 July, Xiao Huting do a pharmaceutical vertical community is to use this method. Before doing this website, Xiao Huting purchased 9 QQ 110 solar grade, a maximum of four QQ group (sun can build two ordinary groups (100 / group)), a short period of time to the two ordinary people to fill, and then opened 1 months membership (caifutong payment is cheaper), two senior group (200 / group), then the previous two ordinary group upgraded to high-level group, in a month, the four groups all can be added to fill, a total of 800 people, 110 QQ number is full, under ideal condition: 88000, considering various factors, a conservative estimate there are 40000 people; the workload is relatively large, it is difficult to complete a short period of time, when Xiao Huting approach is: first establish a group of the group, and some engaged in pharmaceutical investment promotion agency staff, and to manage medicine QQ The group, then put in the hands of 440 QQ group according to the province, according to the division of the Department of medicine, QQ (4 each group) to recruit a group, the group points out, let him in accordance with the rules laid down to invite people and groups and management groups! Want to let these group dedicated for you to manage group, to establish a system of rewards and punishments, every month the selection of outstanding group, for the good of the group to some reward (the latest valid medical customer list for the unqualified group), and make timely replacement; remember for a month or so, many groups are full, even some groups with explosive scenes, sometimes you land a few QQ, will be heard more than 1 minutes plus group tone, but it is.