circle of friends pray for the disaster area WeChat page (network screenshot)

Yunnan disaster let all people worried, yesterday, WeChat circle of friends a link to pray for the disaster attracted a lot of forwards, as long as the input of personal information, will be able to "my name is × × × ×, I come from × ×, I was the × × & times; a pray for the disaster the people……" Share the circle of friends. However, at the same time, the link is suspected of stealing user information messages in the network crazy pass, a true or false. In this regard, the Ministry of Public Security Bureau official micro-blog issued a warning to remind users that the link has not been able to share.

read: "blessing" WeChat was not involved in fraud WeChat forwarded circle of friends love behind the earthquake pray is disaster alert WeChat marketing circle of friends blessing trap police recommendations in a timely manner to delete WeChat "blessing links illegal closure

yesterday afternoon, the southeast express WeChat users received Mr. Chen reported that the day before yesterday, he saw a circle of friends to send someone to pray for the disaster area link, because people do not, so did not care. Until yesterday morning, he found a circle of friends is the link scraper, more than 1 thousand WeChat friends, should share the link hundred people, he found the place of curiosity, required to fill out the information less, there is no need to ID number, then forwarded to share links.

however, yesterday afternoon, on this link to obtain personal information content also started in the circle of friends crazy pass, content is "when you enter the information, it will crawl through the data network packet in the form of taking your identity information, WeChat data and location etc……. Now there are 15 million people in the gun, please delete it immediately after receiving". Chen saw this information, I can not help but nervous, I hope reporters can help verify the situation as soon as possible.

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yesterday afternoon, the southeast express reporter found WeChat open circle of friends, sharing "blessing" link in the circle of friends has 11 friends, and the earliest "blessing" link is 12:38 in the afternoon, then display the users is 2600th million users. Then click on the reporter, I want to pray to jump to pray for the disaster page, the reporter then click, found that the link has been unable to share. Reporter noted that, although unable to share, but "blessing" at the top of the page with text content: "solemnly declare: after WeChat officially confirmed this information without any adverse event! Some people all pray to collect information, the goodwill into malicious attacks, we have to report to the police!"

as of 6 o’clock in the evening, the reporter once again open blessing link, the data show that the participation of users has reached up to about 50000000.


website is suspected of fraud? According to media reports, the Tencent WeChat team said, according to the user’s report has already blocked the site, and to remind the user to jump the chain website, enter personal information, should be vigilant. >