technology news (Chen Xi) July 22nd Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, Sunday evening, Apple released the official announcement, a website for developers was hacked, the developer’s contact information may be stolen. The site has been paralyzed for several days, so apple yanmianjinshi.

reported that this site is mainly for the third party iOS platform developers, provides the development of tools and resources. In general, the site for the development of the group, in terms of technology and security should be guaranteed. However, after the site was compromised, paralyzed within a few days.

Apple official confirmed that the attack took place on Thursday, the attacker tried to obtain personal information registered third party developers. Apple said that confidential information has been encrypted, can not be cracked, however, apple is still unable to rule out the attacker may get the name of the third party developer, mailing address, e-mail, etc..

Apple said it had shut down the site on Thursday, is currently stepping up to solve the problem. Apple said it was rebuilding the entire developer data system, updating server software, database reconstruction. Apple apologized for the trouble that could have been caused by the attack.

needs to be stressed that the attack will not affect Apple’s consumers, the impact is only those paid developer account. The attack comes at a time when apple is optimizing the upcoming iOS7 and OS X Mavericks operating system, which will involve a large number of developers.

during the developer website paralysis, apple said it was on the site for routine maintenance. According to media reports on Saturday, a number of developers on the Twitter revealed that Apple has received an e-mail, requiring the account password reset, which led to speculation that the site server may be black.


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