CMS set up the custom accumulate steadily cool source concepts —- eight industry initiative to create the bottom web application solutions

KYCMS V1.0 SP1 function introduction

as everyone knows, the early content management system is the administrator to add information, program developers better function, direct user input data, this method is simple, but after a period of development, more and more defects of this model.

is a program to support real estate, talent supply and demand, mall, classification, friends and other information, much of the development and maintenance of multiple files? Big workload? You don’t want this module OK? The answer is no, developers in the development of integrated together on the inside, I want real estate today, to increase the supply and demand of OK tomorrow? No, because no development, just want the system, a software download dozens of M files so big, how to do? No way.

is based on this, cool source CMS ( was born, the company is committed to creating the bottom of the site core development and application solutions. Cool source CMS complete subversion of the traditional, the new concept, custom management completely, completely according to demand generation, you need to increase the real estate property module model, need to increase personnel talent system module, need not also can be removed. You do not need to understand the development, you do not know.Net, cool source system allows you to build your own table, self field, support all fields arbitrary authority control, any model of any field acquisition function. Cool source CMS the size of the entire system is only 2M. deserved to be the most classic of the best ASP.NET architecture CMS.

Since November 2007,

CMS released V1.0 version of cool source, cool source CMS strong function of the firm is in the leading position in the industry, the current custom function to other domestic CMS mostly as a data showing, to realize field interaction. Cool source CMS and other CMS the biggest difference is that the other CMS is based on the development of features, and cool source CMS is based on the development of the underlying core solutions. Based on this idea, cool source CMS has realized the administrator custom background, membership customization, foreground customization. Cool source CMS SP1 version marks the cool source CMS will lead the integration of the CMS industry, the release of the V1.0 with the industry’s first eight features, from the functional scalability and ease of use, has been far more than the current mainstream CMS system SP1. Here is a list of upcoming SP1 features:

The basic module of

system, news system, membership system, business yellow pages, question answering system, image system, download system, property system, supply system, personnel system, classification of information, music system, video system, acquisition system, polymerization space, DIG system, RSS system, URL pseudo static, etc….