Shaanxi man with superb hacking techniques, others break the mailbox password, 9 Internet domain name management 600 thousand yuan worth of stolen, and put it into your new account sale. In October 27th, the Xiaogan police disclosed the network theft case.

at the end of March this year, Xiaogan resident Wang Jun (a pseudonym) found in his mailbox in the mailbox can not enter, and save the cost 600 thousand yuan to buy a 9 Internet domain name information. Then he found that 9 domain names have been stolen. Wang Jun immediately reported to the local public security organs.

Xiaogan City Public Security Bureau supervisor detachment after two months of careful investigation, eventually locked the suspect Li Qiang (a pseudonym). June 15th, Li Qiang was arrested by police in Shaanxi, Xiaogan. Since this is my first theft detection, the Internet domain name case, this month 23 days, Huang Hong, deputy director of the provincial public security department instructions, this model will blow network crime success case informed throughout learning, for the detection of personnel or merit awards.