recently, the pan entertainment new media orange entertainment in January this year following the $15 million financing, announced the completion of $10 million B+ round of financing, it is reported that this round of financing led by the CRE capital investment, with investment of 360.


orange entertainment is a pan entertainment new media company, with a barrage of interactive, original content and other characteristics, covers entertainment, stars, fashion news and information platform. It is understood that the orange entertainment B+ round of funding will be mainly used to create content and technology in future iterations, orange will also strengthen entertainment video, network drama, variety development and other forms of content, at the same time with the content will have their own signing artists to "do more pan entertainment".

first, orange entertainment topic is more extensive, not confined to celebrity gossip, but open the extension of Pan entertainment, relying on big data, in the "users love what" principle will be extended to the topic of men, the arts and humanities, cultural and other fields.

secondly, the content of the form of orange entertainment richer, in addition to text, the future will force short video, network drama, broadcast, etc.. At present, a short video of orange entertainment had been carried out, the existing "entertainment massage", "Han Yu 250", "orange blind interview" and "wide in" 7 vertical different themes of the short video.

set up a text + video content framework, orange entertainment also want to try to make more profit outside the advertising model, the artist is one of the direction of the broker. Like rice is not used to wonderful said, as the representative of several programs holding a small red IP, the future of orange entertainment also intends to make use of the platform flow and content of the artist to perform incubation.

orange entertainment founder Tang Yiqing believes that the Internet media should be put down the leadership posture of the media, fans to do the core content. "Never alone is an orange entertainment entertainment portal, but a new media company, open up the upstream and downstream of the entertainment content industry, taking the content creation and distribution."

according to public information currently orange entertainment 20 million registered users, distribution channels, including today’s headlines, UC browser, QQ space, beauty shot, second shot; and with the Sohu news, ink weather, WIFI, ZAKER and other key content of cooperation.