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originally planned to travel the same way in the domestic market, in May last year the Commission to get the letter of last year, the online travel market price is very competitive, with the way tourism management team is expected to end there will be fierce price war, in order to avoid the performance after the listing of the face, with the way tourism communication with the board of directors after the suspension of listing, and Tencent to finance a sum of money, and Ctrip tickets and leisure travel business played in the two quarter of the price war, the same way CEO Wu Zhixiang used the word to describe the tragic.

in April 10th with the way to reach a business cooperation with elong, conference site Wu Zhixiang and eLong CEO also ridicule the common enemy ctrip. Ctrip that night, a high-level text messages sent to Wu Zhixiang, hoping to chat. Wu Zhixiang think, anyway, is to come to Suzhou, then talk about.

because Ctrip executives hope after the chat quickly return to Shanghai, so the two sides agreed in April 19th held away from the high-speed rail near the Suzhou Grand Metropark Hotel Suzhou, a coincidence that Wu Zhixiang felt fate: up to 10 hours of negotiations with elong, but also at the Grand Metropark Hotel Suzhou, located in Beijing.

Suzhou Metropark Hotel being held the same day the wedding, meeting rooms ready to go to Wu Zhixiang, it really would have happened? Is the three person: Ctrip Ctrip CEO Liang Jianzhang, COO CSO Wu Wenjie and Sun Jie, aspects of the same process is 5 including Wu Zhixiang, the founder of. The two sides just started very embarrassed, on the one hand, due to intense competition before the business, on the other hand, is the first meeting.

Wu Zhixiang first expressed attitude, if the competition will continue to Sike in the end. Liang Jianzhang said that we are so close, it will be very hard to fight, cooperation will win. Wu Zhixiang tried to ask a question, or you give us the ticket business. Liang said it can not, but such a move requires capital shares. Wu Zhixiang said that as long as the independent development can be. Liang said this is no problem. Wu Zhixiang left the team of 5 rooms communication for 15 minutes, he decided to accept the offer of Ctrip, in two hours, the two sides will complete the drafting of the contract signed.

in the communication process, Liang Jianzhang asked Wu Zhixiang, in 10 years you 5 founder has been together? Wu Zhixiang answered, yes, almost every quarrel, but always together, when the quarrel would be like the bench, quarrelled again better than brothers and sisters. Liang after listening to silence for a minute. Ctrip is also the brother of entrepreneurship, Liang Jianzhang and Ji Qi, and the four gentlemen, known as Ctrip,, President of the city of China, is the first name of the company.

just fell in love with elong, turned to marry Ctrip, Wu Zhixiang feel really not perfect, if not before cooperation with elong, then accept Ctrip investment is no better. But he still believes that elong is a business cooperation, and Ctrip is capital cooperation, the two sides do not conflict. Of course, still need to give an account of elong. After accepting Ctrip investment, Wu Zhixiang take the initiative to send text messages to Cui Guangfu, according to their own expression