said to gaffes, yet I do stand or a garbage station, not inflow!

      I am an ordinary migrant worker, including now or.

      talk about the site through it! Everybody must be curious!

      up to now I have only 2 years of online experience, but I have more than 2 years to build the site!

      I began to use the Internet in 2005 day / that factory day is too boring, for many years away from home do not know the home news, the Internet is not always want to be on, later in the factory has opened across the   a black Internet bar! The machine is broken, now it is ox cart, I was in the open by the time no matter the host plant. But don’t know what to do, but the Internet is home, is Baidu, I use it to search the name of my hometown! A little bit of magic, so I come to a forum in my hometown, then the popularity is not very good, but the average online at any time there are 5/60 people, mostly tourists, but there is a name I registered [ID] is then knew that can express my the information in the forum, dating information, ask the hometown, serious home complex, but there is not aware of what is going on every day I have to go to the Internet even if it is 9 pm I will go to the Internet for an hour, it is so attractive to me, one day I at the forum, do not know how it is with people in my post to scold me, of course I will scold him, so watch it is a lot of help, also many is not advised for reconciliation, a little sad, put it in my heart a little uncomfortable, so Not on the forum, but I did not know what to do in addition to the forum!
      this is also a Baidu, I found a forum download in search forum, I do not know what to do with it, out of curiosity, I carefully read the original, do a forum is so easy to buy. A space a forum program is good, oh / say it is very simple, so I think now, feel shy!

      one day, my cousin called me to talk to her a lot, I told her about this, she also told me that a forum is very simple, ah! She was studying computer college, she said, help me to do, just give yourself more learning experience, so I buy a space, that is I can learn a lot of space, finally I chose what is called a space network > Xiamen engine