at two o’clock this afternoon, Wenchuan earthquake happened in Sichuan province China, editor of the editorial department of stationmaster net in the process of stepping up production and the special audit, noticed a submitted article: "hardships" novice webmaster

for 3 months

this article is to contribute a webmaster friends called old A, told his Dujiangyan Forum (Dujiangyan forum 114 of the construction and development of the situation, post time is in the "2008-05-12 13:40" is that the earthquake should not happen!

but the earthquake center point is close to Dujiangyan, although this forum in May 13, 2008 morning a little can still access, but not a users post, webmaster also disappeared, the safety situation of stationmaster net editorial department is very concerned about the webmaster friends, if the author is still in front of the computer, to see this information Dujiangyan, hoping to local disaster relief with the webmaster friends, all the webmaster heart, bless you Sichuan people can survive this disaster!

If there is a

in the Sichuan area of the station, also welcome the local area confirmed disaster information released to the webmaster nets, let millions of owners know in time Sichuan disaster, let us contribute to the disaster area people’s concern on the network!

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webmaster network earthquake relief proposal:

the auction gold advertising two year period:

100 thousand for disaster relief