sina science and technology news Beijing time on January 9th evening news, the world’s third largest bitcoin exchange Bitstamp today announced that it will resume trading later on Friday.

Bitstamp, based in Slovenia, announced on Monday that it had stopped trading because it was hacked last Sunday, killing about 19000 bitcoins and causing a loss of about $5 million 400 thousand.

Bitstamp co-founder · Morach dhamija; (Damijan Merlak) said today in an e-mail: "this transaction will resume in late Friday."

Morach on Wednesday said: at present, with the help of experts in San Francisco, the reconstruction of the site infrastructure, the site can be completed in about 24 hours to complete the operation."

Morach also said that the European Union and the United States a number of agencies have launched an investigation into the invasion. Bitstamp said that the loss of these bitcoins accounted for only a small part of the total amount of bitcoin.

about a year ago, when the biggest bitcoin exchange Mt Gox suffered a hacker attack and bankruptcy. The company, which is based in Japan, has lost about 850 thousand bitcoins, worth nearly $450 million.

Morach is 28 years old this year, Bitstamp, another founder of ·, (Nejc Kodric) this year, the age of 25, the two people in 2011 to create Bitstamp. According to Slovenia media reports, two people’s wealth has reached 23 million euros (about $27 million 200 thousand), among the country’s top 50 richest list.

currently, bitcoin price of $276.80 per piece. (Li Ming)