you may have noticed that the display on your site AdWords advertising now has a special "I" icon, after expansion will display "ads by Google" label in a corner of the bottom of the advertisement. After the user clicks on the label, it will enter a web page to learn more about the online ads and the ads they see. Google and many companies in the online advertising industry believe that it is necessary to provide a clear notification for the user to browse the ads.

for the main site for English, we recently used a new icon in the ad, the new icon after the launch of a AdChoices. In response to the online advertising industry’s online behavior advertising self-regulation program, we added these notices in the ad, more active for users to browse ads for users to provide notification and selection. Depending on the advertiser, this icon may occasionally appear on other language pages.



this is now the "advertising" label promotion of the largest one, and we are very pleased to see the other companies in the industry also participated in the promotion activities. We are also looking for ways to enhance transparency and control over other languages.

is the same as before, the user clicks on the "advertising options" label, will enter a web page, you can learn about online advertising and browse the advertising details. This page also provides links to the advertising preferences settings manager. The user can choose which type of user’s interest in the advertisement. We have tested the new icons and tags, and the results show that they will not have any impact on the effectiveness of advertising. We believe that this update will help users better understand the advertising, but also hope that the label can be widely used in the online advertising industry.