Sina Technology News Beijing on October 2nd news, according to foreign media reports, YAHOO has upgraded the network search engine, to let it play a greater role, more attractive to users. Prior to this, there have been a number of search service providers to upgrade the search engine, hoping to take this challenge Google’s market dominance, but has not received much success.

      upgrade search engine

      YAHOO said on Tuesday that it has been the most important upgrade of its search engine since it began to control the underlying technology three and a half years ago. Standard & Poor’s analyst Scott · (Scott Kessler) said that even without considering other aspects of the impact, the search engine upgrade can at least enhance the morale of YAHOO employees. Prior to this, YAHOO co-founder, CEO Yang Zhiyuan has promised to rebuild YAHOO reputation as an innovator of the internet. YAHOO’s search engine upgrades for his commitment to provide strong support.

      Kessler also said: "search engine upgrade will help YAHOO to seize more market share? I can’t say for certain. However, the upgrade can at least enhance the weight of YAHOO search engine users in mind. One of the main reasons why Google can get so many users is that it offers a great variety of different and interesting things." In order to increase the performance of the company to reverse the unfavorable situation of fatigue, stock prices continued to fall in June this year, Yang Zhiyuan returned to replace Terry · Semel (Terry Semel) as YAHOO CEO.

      from June 2000 to May 2004, YAHOO has been using Google technology to drive its search engine. Because the decision of YAHOO, Google is a small company developed into today’s Web search monopolist, occupy more than 50% market share in the United states. After the search engine upgrades, when the user enters a keyword in the search box, YAHOO will search the box below the user may be interested in the phrase. YAHOO search engine will provide users with a series of related concepts, and in the main search results page to generate more pictures, videos and music links. YAHOO search engine will also get information from YAHOO calendar service (, highlighting the local events associated with the search request.

      competitors say nothing new

      YAHOO in the search engine upgrades to join the new features with Google, and Microsoft had upgraded features similar. CEO Jim · Lanzoni (Jim > Lanzone)