instant search (Tencent technology plan)

cloud soil this start-up company is experiencing a great difficulty since its inception. Due to the problem of cooperation and immediate search, cloud soil once again become the focus of attention.

cloud soil by former Google China Engineering Research Institute, vice president Liu Jun founded, is an instant search technology provider. Liu Jun has the founder of cloud soil and instant search chief scientist two identity.

instant search was established in two and a half years, the performance does not meet expectations. According to informed sources, instantly search decision-making on the current development situation is not satisfactory, the end of last year in reconsider the direction of development, while the internal discussion would be likely to result in the foundation of cooperation and the immediate cloud soil cracks.

instant search with cloud soil cooperation or will change

is one of the national team, is not a lack of funds, but starting from zero is short board; one is a start-up company, Google has more than 10 technical personnel of the team, in addition to its own social network search products and so on, also get the hardware support or search, and immediate benefits through national library cooperation.

but due to the search results are not satisfactory, the prospects of this cooperative state of concern.

search results for more than two years is not prominent. According to Internet data Hitwise data services in December 2012, China search engine traffic share the top ten for Baidu, 360 search, Sogou, Google Hongkong, Baidu pictures, Google, soso (English), Bing, Google, Chinese Youdao search, no immediate shadow.

according to informed sources, the immediate search for the company is not satisfied with the current situation, is to reconsider the direction of development, which may lead to a series of subsequent adjustments. "But now there has been no substantive action, also in the internal struggle stage."

, a search industry technical people who do not want to be named, said the need to do the first search core technology, if you start from scratch, it may take 4-5 years of accumulation. Lack of core technology is also an immediate search concerns.

but the accumulation of core technology is just a beginning, the greater the difficulty lies in data operations. Baidu and other search competition is not technical competition, but the search experience competition. Is not a simple technical problem, but the problem of data operations. Not the money can do all of a sudden, there should be a long time user behavior analysis data accumulation." The search industry sources said.

"outsourcing technology may reach the industry average, but to do better, need to do their own. Outsourcing to others, you ask others to do the state is difficult. If you don’t run this product, you may not ask for it." These sources said.

cloud soil awkward

cloud soil founded two years, and did not