1 Baidu video under the background of the transformation of pirated content platform entertainment

has recently been Chinese network video anti piracy alliance to combat piracy in the name of sue Baidu video announcement yesterday evening, said the shelves have pirated content, and transition to create genuine original content entertainment platform.

Baidu video in the announcement said that since October 2013, Baidu video has started a comprehensive restructuring, is committed to creating a genuine original content, has been on the line of genuine video online play, a member of VIP movie channel, Baidu game a number of genuine content channels, and the integration of interactive video and other original content service.

in the last month, the Sohu and Tencent jointly video potatoes, video and music as composed of video anti piracy alliance, Baidu video piracy, Nora and other companies sued, and Baidu claims the loss of 300 million yuan. Baidu responded that the future will continue to intensify efforts to support the development of genuine video".

this afternoon at the same time, the State Copyright Bureau will hold a special treatment to combat Internet piracy "sword action" news briefing.

According to Tencent

query technology, if the current through Baidu video search or Baidu video piracy sources, still can search results, but can not be viewed directly, genuine content for each video website provides related content.

2 also from the media channel on-line watercress column must pay a subscription


days before on-line column channel, but different from the celebrity column, watercress reading experience writing the main column of ordinary people, the so-called "worldly things, wise remark of an experienced person". This is not a self media platform, but it takes the form of paid reading, the author will receive 70% of net income, monthly settlement.

according to the watercress aspects, column content will start the update before and after the Spring Festival, all the three column free, according to the report by reading subsequent pay or pay the entire column, the prices of works by the author, watercress suggests range. The column should be open for at least three months, weekly or no more than two weeks.

3 WeChat payment defects: there is no shortest operating chain advantage

on the commercialization of WeChat, especially in the electricity supplier, pay a lot of discussion in the field. "The subversion of all" and "all links" cheer and vision, the wave of public opinion with too much emotion, a cognitive many people neglect the most basic: WeChat in the field of payment, there is no advantage of the shortest chain operation.

technology, the more humanities. The real high-tech, should be simple and easy to use, and should not even let you perceive and feel its existence. Smart phone, the most direct manifestation is that the shortest operation, the least Click to access services.


is a very great application in WeChat, WeChat paid in vivo breeding has a wonderful prospect and is likely to be successful, however, promising and may not mean and these prospects will be.