[Abstract] as long as the marketing well, not only can spread on social networking sites, but also have actual sales.

TNW Chinese version reported on December 22nd

social media has proven to be a reasonable marketing channel. However, the majority of brands, including many electricity supplier brands, still believe that social media is only funnel top of the marketing channel – suitable for the brand, but it can not attract real buying behavior.

, however, with the gradual maturity of social networks, consumers increasingly rational behavior in social media, social media has become a powerful platform to promote sales of electricity supplier brands. In fact, Internet Retailer magazine launched in 2014 last year, the top 500 electricity supplier companies in the last year, through the social network to achieve sales of $2 billion 690 million, compared with an increase of 62.5% in 2012.

due to the gradual introduction of social media charges, marketers are more concerned than before, in addition to praise and the actual sales results, such as the number of fans.

in order to understand how the top brands in social media marketing and get a substantial return on investment, we investigated the Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest sales of 100 top brands of electricity supplier products. After two weeks, we track their postings from six aspects: 1 input (video, photos or text (2); to promote products or brand); 3 is a copy of the content; if there are 4 links; 5 is the original or user generated content (including post 6); the time of posting.

then, we sort out and analyze the data and try to find out the rules. Here are some of the social media postings that we found to help sell.

1 post to maintain consistency

on the Facebook, top brands tend to post 12 times a week. The majority of the number of posts in the business days more than the weekend. As for the time of posting, each brand has its own best time node.

once you find the best time to post your own brand, you need to maintain consistency and stick to a new post at this time.

most brands are more active on Twitter. Typically, the content of these brands posted on Twitter and its Facebook post content is basically the same, but will be slightly adjusted for the Twitter audience.

addition, these brands found that Twitter is most suitable to expand the scope of the topic, the post number 20% of the number of Posts often occupy all.

some of the top brands tend to use the Pinterest as a digital directory, with about 100 posts a week. Of all these posts, there are about three points