e-commerce development to the present, so that people’s way of life has undergone tremendous changes. More and more people begin to shop through the Internet, even if it’s a big piece of electrical goods. Recently, the Jingdong mall 12 anniversary of the anniversary, it is unusually hot, according to Jingdong mall news release, June 18th anniversary day, Jingdong online mall sales exceeded 100 million yuan, nearly 150 thousand orders per second, the average sales of more than 2000 yuan, compared with the same period last year increased by more than 200%. A string of numbers shocking, behind these figures, but also reflects the development of e-commerce. Online sales of huge, but also the impact of the traditional retailer’s nerves, Suning Gome and other such a huge retail, but also trying to set up e-commerce sites, to attack the impact of such an online mall Jingdong. But from the current situation, the catch rate Suning Gome is a bit slow, Jingdong frequently like performance, Suning Gome online mall sales seemed a little awkward. Of course, if these traditional giants if you do not speed up the pace, Jingdong mall sales beyond them, it seems only a matter of time.

Jingdong to June 18th, has been established for 12 years. In the SARS period in 2004, the opportunity to enter e-commerce. From 2004 to now, for 5 years, into the digital single day sales of billions of dollars, the pace of development is expected to shock. Jingdong released data show that in June 18th last year the anniversary day, click on the website of Jingdong reached 14 million, sales exceeded 30 million yuan to 4 times daily, every second of a commodity sales. "Liu yueheifenggao special" within two hours, while the number of online up to 570 thousand, more than 2 million 170 thousand hits. In this year, in accordance with the practice of mall Jingdong chairman of the board and CEO Liu Qiangdong presided over the "night" concert, consumers unprecedented enthusiasm, while the number of online users more than 1 million people, two hours sold 60 thousand pieces of goods, sales exceeded 20 million yuan. The anniversary of the day sales exceeded 100 million yuan. For 5 consecutive years to maintain a growth of 300%, for any enterprise, can be regarded as a miracle. From a certain point of view, the Jingdong mall represents the rise of B2C strength, B2C gives a reliable quality assurance, from this point of view, the rapid occupation of the quality of C2C users worried about this market and want to online shopping, plus a few times the power of capital, let the Jingdong to build a 300% performance growth. Now has a strong sales support, you can own warehousing and logistics, to create their own distribution team. This can not only reduce the average cost of each distribution, but also to maximize the control of the quality of service delivery. So even if the holidays and other orders surge, but also easy to digest treatment.

With the development of e-commerce,

has occupied more and more social retail market share. In particular, the B2C model, in recent years can be used to describe the outbreak, in the United States, Ebay as a representative of e-commerce, and now, Amazon has clearly become the main body of e-commerce in the United states. Tens of thousands