if there is no marketing, social media will be how?

one day, I thought of a topic that was in line with the title of the party: micro-blog died in marketing. To see my words, must be the title of the introduction of. However, I found that this article is not easy to write, you can look at a few of my wasted start:

1: in a wilderness, there is a big tree. Needless to say, this is Chuang-tzu.

at the beginning of 2: Afanda’s planet, there is a big tree, the branches can be connected to people’s hair, people can realize the soul. Needless to say, this is Afanda.

at the beginning of 3: there is a supermarket in the small village village, called cat supermarket; a Longmen supermarket door open array, Zhang, money, Lee, and village security director of the big daughter-in-law with several home size daughter-in-law, chat every day. Wang Laoshan saw, thought this is an opportunity, so he put the family patrimony sell, go to the city for a pile of straw back. He is so want to drop: there are so many people gathered here every day, even if two people in one person to buy his mat, it can also sold ten copies of eight drops. Later, the cat supermarket business hasn’t affected, the inside of the straw like selling well, but the king did not sell old. We think that the problem lies in the place: the place is not a place to do business in Longmen,


this is the story of a friend of the series, inspired by a true story: an entrepreneur, with hundreds of thousands of fans, with good vision, in the summer of 2012 on Sina micro-blog to sell mats. The result is the result of the old king, in addition to a pile of straw completely routed.

At the beginning of 3

was abandoned by me, and then I was back, I think I want to know after the description of the micro-blog (or social media) is an ideal state, non-commercial state. In this state, this will continue to called micro-blog social media we have only a simple rule:

have 140 words or pictures as the smallest unit of content.

tick centered node content unit belonging to the author’s name.

when did you love or admire this person can follow him, hate or love this person can quietly watching him.

have a love you can forward.

put your point of view can be used as the content of comments.

when did the media naturally in a machine called the cloud on the body, do not belong to any profit organization that exists in a natural state.

– however, this is only an ideal. We look back at the reality of micro-blog’s media survival:

in 1, and no nonsense nonsense of the professional market research firm GlobalWebIndex recently released a global social networking site.