from the product, communication, image, competition four times after the change, the phenomenon of demand in the past, the current oversupply situation can be seen everywhere. So in the homogenization of the increasingly competitive today, products, customer value, accurate positioning is particularly important, before locating topic, the author throws a question for you to think: "what position mean to you?!"

What is


positioning is the product in the future, potential, customer mind to determine (or occupy) a reasonable position. The basic principle of positioning is not to create something new or different, but to manipulate the minds of people’s minds, to open the knot of their association. The truth is that "gongxinweishang positioning".

through the interpretation of the above positioning theory, we divide the location into the following three directions:

competitors (new category) < – > examine their own (whether consistent) < – > target customers (whether useful)

above the azimuth structure we referred to as: "positioning Golden Triangle", through the re positioning of competitors, to create new products for the target market. Here refers to the "new products" can be understood as "specific regional association", for example: A XXX company as the leader of the industry, so to belong to the XXX industry B company, the company positioning in the same industry leader it will obviously be a mistake.

due to the differences between the composition, background, scale, and so on, so for the same industry, different companies. Re positioning of the new class is particularly important. As for the performance of the new category, it can be based on the strengthening of the existing areas, it can be a single location strategy, such as: SEO services < (- >); network marketing.

can be understood as "SEO" as "SEO" as "SEO" as a category by using the "association of specific regions". From the specific areas of the existence of certain things to be associated with the new category of performance, such as: network marketing, marketing training, marketing outsourcing, etc.. In short, this is like the regional key words, and we have to do is to target a specific area of the market customers as the goal, and then through the way of thinking to extend the positioning of the new category will therefore come.

said in front of the positioning of the basic structure of the composition of Golden Triangle, in addition to creating new classes, we still need to examine whether they are in line with the conditions of the creation of innovative categories. Next, for the target customers, the only option is for their own to produce the corresponding value, or for them this product is useful. Only in this way is a complete positioning of Golden Triangle, which also means that in Golden Triangle must be consistent with the existence of the three, such a position is accurate and effective positioning. < >