A5 webmaster network reported that once a year the Internet Conference opened in Beijing in September 11th, this year’s theme is "open · integrity; · fusion", another is not open around the core of the mobile internet. During the meeting, the chairman of the board of directors of Tencent chairman Zhou Hongyi Ma Huateng and 360 of the "3Q war" rival mutual pinch frame gave us a deep impression.

Ma Huateng: firmly opposed to the user name under the guise of doing

Ma Huateng delivered a keynote speech on the mobile internet security issues, emphasizing the Tencent firmly opposed the name under the guise of users, some users do difficult to discern things. The Tencent has worked with 360 users in the name of a 3Q World War, recently, 360 and Baidu in the search field open 3B war. Although Ma Huateng did not name names, but he stressed that "I firmly oppose the user under the guise of name, the user is difficult to distinguish the security of information search." Ma Huateng also said that Tencent will set up a $1 billion security fund to encourage more innovative companies to jointly solve security programs.


interpretation of the Internet Conference Ma Huateng speech: WeChat is a cow O2O play 360 do not arrogant

Ma Huateng: firmly opposed to the user name under the guise of doing

Ma Huateng: PC the Internet into the platform’s

product is king of the times

Zhou Hongyi: WeChat is disruptive innovation

"the audience may be disappointed, I recently talked more attention. Usually spit more saliva, it may spit when they do not spit, the leadership said that every time you spit, recently vowed not to spit." In Ma Huateng’s keynote speech after the end of his rival Zhou Hongyi in the dialogue process and the horse riveted on: "thanks to Ma Huateng for me to do a lot of advertising, mobile internet security is indeed a very important thing, and we are continuing to do 360. However,’s WeChat is relying on the destruction of the traditional operator SMS business development." Reporter noted yesterday, the three operators in the internet conference site, Zhou Hongyi’s statements quite deliberately provoke Tencent and operators of relation of mean.


Zhou Hongyi Deng Ya Ping Li Guoqing dialogue: winner of

does not exist

Zhou Hongyi: Chairman Mao and Ma promised not to push IM products

smell of gunpowder diffuse Internet Conference into the battlefield

360 search will access Google advertising system