Taobao 0531 new regulations are as follows:

Dear Ali mother member:

in order to further enhance the business consumer experience, Ali mother will conduct a comprehensive upgrade of the marketing platform, the release of the new Taobao membership growth system, Ali mother and you grow together!

1 Taobao membership level:

Taobao membership level is to provide members with a better, more professional, more attentive service, different levels of Taobao membership can enjoy different privileges.

2 Taobao guest member level standards and permissions:

Taobao membership level currently includes 6 levels, mainly based on the promotion of membership and reputation as the basis, the specific relationship is as follows:

level registration time on a natural month of Taobao settlement revenue (X) / the last month to generate the number of days of Taobao settlement revenue (Y) special privileges universal permissions

Golden Delicious registered at least three month X> 10 thousand yuan, and Y is not less than 15 days

Taobao guest API, Taobao customer search product promotion, Tmall promote cross store settlement

other permissions in addition to the aforementioned special privileges abroad (including but not limited to: single product / component store self promotion, promotion, Amoy gold etc.)

crown registration full of three natural month 3000 yuan

Taobao customer search product promotion, Tmall promote cross store settlement

diamond registered full of three natural month 1000 yuan


registration for three month 300

registered three month X 300, or Y< /

for 15 days;

new users registered less than three months of natural


1) Taobao search product promotion: refers to the search box promotion, channel promotion, Taobao customers to promote search links and other landing page domain name for or Taobao customer promotion;

2) Tmall to promote cross store settlement:

a) refers to the buyers through the promotion of Taobao customers to promote the link to enter the Tmall site in the browser is not closed and into other sellers shop / Baby page, and also meet the specification of the Taobao customer agreement, can get other sellers to pay Taobao guest Commission; < / p>

b) Ali mother website (, the same below) and Tmall related products or pages to promote the generation of links.

3) Taobao membership level in line with the requirements of the table, you can apply for the opening of the corresponding special privileges, special permission to open other requirements see Ali mother community >