I do

station, more than a year, almost two years. But not a very successful website, but I made my dedication and intentions, so I stood less than a year on the PR to three. Here, I share the inspired classic collection of website promotion tips I hope to give new friends more!


promotion and add link method:

1 to find their own friends website (also the best webmaster) to help you add the site links

2 in Google and Baidu to query your site’s theme. Look at the reverse link in the first page of the website. The reverse link query a Web Query: link: web site, and then contact the site with you exchange links. Or pay for one-way links with their.

3 has been included in the blog search query station, each week to open a blog to your site and copy the contents of a to blog. Copy the contents to the site must have your site keyword content content in.

replicationIf you can write a

4. Special feeds into some large sites. Let them add links to your site. One day two days. You enter your published title in Google and Baidu search. You can see a N site to reprint your website content. So called soft Wen wrote, it most Meng.

5 to a number of large blog search engine has been included in the content of the individual blog to give them a comment

6 if you have good technology, and your website is all original. If your site content output into RSS. Google and he submitted the Baidu news center. There will be W IP from your website. Also be N website quoted.

7 If you can write another webmaster can write. You both can cooperate. He wrote the article published add your link. You wrote a soft link. At the same time with his then published. Different contents are you two links. This is a good way to win.

8 submitted to the open directory DMOZ (dmoz.org), DMOZ included site for a long time, it may take up to 1 months or even 1 years, but the effect is very obvious after the collection.

9 now many large web sites have online favorites. For example Yahoo favorites.QQ bookmarks, N.

in Google and Baidu search online favorites

10 is now popular ask.Baidu know asked the question answering system. Search your site keywords in these sites. Answer the questions off leave your web site.

11 if you often bubble forum. The forum’s personalized signature into your site keywords link.

this trick is also a lot of people online