in the 9A webmaster Wangzhuan once had a such article "how to build a novel website to Wangzhuan 9azz has been", help you to the end, here we introduced a novel website promotion method about.

QQ group promotion: using QQ group search function to find some of the QQ group, to join in the group, and we chatted, the appropriate time to send a small advertising, you can understand, there’s going to have some good novels exist on your site (toll on other sites) the starting point site columns, for the novel QQ group, usually have novel communication group, add reasonable advertisement, the effect is very good. Clear target location.

Baidu know promotion: many people know in Baidu released for book, he answered, even if you don’t know, you can say: "you can go to the look, I remember this website" (you will 9azz for your website domain name), can also take every day to some traffic.

novel: Forum promotion for book post practice as above, not you properly forwarded some novels in the novel the appropriate to describe some information on your site, so that over time can also take a lot of traffic.

favorites promotion method: Web page address to the QQ bookmarks, some good novels of Baidu search, YAHOO collection, let love these users to read, pay attention to the description of the skills, the description is that in 2009 several good free Wangzhuan tutorial in 9azz

promotion: to restrict access to content on the website the novel reasonably gives access level, set access conditions, give users a promotion links, users only recommend a few visitors can access the content, note that the only way to the development of the site to a certain extent to use, otherwise it will The loss outweighs the gain.

search engine promotion: the novice webmaster, keen is the basic method, search the site’s function is the cyber source together, to find the most suitable content to users, properly optimize the novel website will bring a lot of traffic, about how to optimize, 9azz will be launched in this regard of course, the next time you look forward to, 9A products,

will be fine!

there are some website promotion methods, we continue in the next