we all know that WeChat group information as well as attention are very strict control, mass information is currently only just opened the certification service number in the third party platform mass. For with no public attention in the non public platform page links, WeChat has also been very strict and cautious, long ago but also through hyperlinks and links with WeChat official attention, strict control of attention behavior, one can click on the link with direct attention only when sending messages to the public platform at present, and this page must be open in WeChat.

however, we are in the actual operation of WeChat marketing, often want to add a link in the third party page, so that the number of non public WeChat users click on the direct public concern number. Under the condition of not destroying the public platform of WeChat, the pig CMS teaches you how to solve this problem in a flexible way.

1, on the public platform of material library create a graphic message, such as the number of public profile or your company’s information

2, the contents of the text message in front of the production of a guide image, guide visitors to click, as shown in figure


3, send this message out or only to a person, you can get the message of the URL, copy the url

on the phone

4, in the third party website links to fill in the URL in the third step can be obtained.

in the whole process, the most important thing is to set up a graphic message in the public platform, the more important thing is to do a small picture of the focus of attention. Although more than a public key to pay attention to a number of clicks, but under the strict control of WeChat through this small tricks to achieve from the third party site plus WeChat attention.

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