Mid Autumn Festival, National Day, double 11, double 12, after entering the golden nine silvers ten business promotion, more and more nodes. This year the electricity supplier big promotion, if there are "pre-sale do not enjoy the 7 days no reason to return, do not enjoy three bags of gifts" and other restrictions will be curbed.

sellers such as illegal electronic business platform can pull black


of the "Regulations" gives the third party trading platform for its obligations, shall conduct examination and registration of network operators focus on promotion identity, information goods and services content records, released in its platform during the preservation of promotional activities and release time, found illegal behavior, report to the business sector, take stop, stop third party trading platform for the services when necessary.

pre-sale commodity for seven days no reason to return

a lot of power quality problems are often prescribed in the past may not be returned without the pre-sale promotion, infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. For the previous "double 11" have appeared in some stores provides pre-sale no quality of goods shall not return, and the trading platform support and other issues, the "Regulations" in the clear requirements, the third party trading platform shall not use the standard clauses provided refundable deposit, the pre-sale for seven days no reason to return, to explain the goods in good condition, increase the limited withdrawal conditions exclude or limit the rights of consumers, reduce or exempt the operator responsibility, increased consumer responsibility to the consumer provisions unfair and unreasonable.

big promotion gift also enjoy three pack service

electricity supplier promotions, gifts are also important elements to attract consumers. In the past the promotion, there are operators of the bottom goods or defective goods as gifts phenomenon. The "provision" requirement, network promotion with concentrated goods, not because of lower commodity quality promotion, should provide a "three pack" service.