advocates will be online consumers to the real store, so that the Internet has become the front line trading, O2O (Online to Offline) this model is becoming a trend. Data show that since 2010, a total of 64 O2O mode of access to venture capital companies. Since 2011, the amount of investment close to 7 billion yuan.

warp and weft venture partner Wan Yi believes that the attractiveness of O2O is that it is an existing market. With the basic necessities of life related areas of the line each year the amount of water on the hundreds of billions. "In the size of the market, even if you only 1% market share, even 1 per thousand, are likely to become a listed company."

The chairman and CEO of

innovation works, Li Kaifu once said: "teach group purchase line business can get the local user from online, users can teach local service through the network to find, O2O paved the way, contributed."

as a pioneer, buy to make online ordering, offline consumption, this typical O2O model is understood. Right now, this concept is accompanied by mobile Internet, LBS and other Dongfeng, in the evolving.

O2O essence

for O2O, the industry is relatively common explanation is that, Online To Offline, but also about the next line of business opportunities and the Internet together, so that the Internet has become the forefront of offline transactions. Online services can be used online showmanship, consumers can come up online screening service, and online transaction settlement, and soon reached the scale. The most important feature of this model is: promotion effect is available, each transaction can be tracked.

Mart supermarket chairman thunder believes that the difference between O2O and B2C, C2C is B2C, C2C is the online payment, the purchase of goods to the user through the logistics company, and the same is the online payment, O2O to buy goods and services, to go on to enjoy the service line. For example, air tickets, travel can be carried out online consumption, line service. Ctrip hotel, air ticket booking services, can be seen as the prototype of the domestic O2O model.

however, despite the rise of the trend, but in essence, O2O is still a threshold business model, it is the test of the enterprise to grasp the resources under the line.

Jingwei venture partner Wan Yi believes that, unlike the traditional Internet project, the key to the O2O model is actually a business line operating capacity. On the surface is the design of a mobile client, but in fact is to provide solutions for the next line of business." He believes that it must solve three problems: businesses can bring tourists; can calculate the input-output ratio, such as how many customers because businesses put coupons, coupons and try to consume; can create some new needs of the population, such as the LBS function, found just friends around, cause follow the consumer. "These are the decisions"