WeChat public number had been exposed due to the spread of pornographic websites

Beijing News (reporter Li Dandan) this morning, the state Internet Information Office, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security and other departments held a special meeting, the deployment of immediate effect in the country to carry out a one month WeChat mobile instant messaging tools such as special operations, focus on remediation of illegal behavior in the release of instant communication service public information mobile.

National Internet Information Office official pointed out that some people use WeChat mobile instant messaging platform objectionable or illegal and harmful information to the public, serious damage to the network communication order and harm the public interest, causing users dissatisfied. In order to safeguard the public interest and the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, safeguard national security and social stability, Guoxin office, Ministry of public security, the Ministry of public security three departments jointly carry out the special action.

the person in charge stressed that the special action, focusing on remediation of mobile instant messaging tools such as public platform and other public information release services, especially with the dissemination and mobilization of public accounts.

crack down on mobile instant messaging public information dissemination of rumors, violence, terrorism, fraud, pornography and other illegal acts. Crack down on domestic and foreign hostile forces to penetrate the destruction of my activities.

in addition, will not seriously fulfill the management responsibilities of enterprises according to law.