: after a simple 4000IP website to sell cheap cheat buyers, because fraudsters use "cheap" temptation, there are a variety of reasons that the lack of money, no buyers through artificial intermediary, and fraud in private transactions. After the hands of the site, the buyer found a number of IP problems, and the previous view of the 4000IP is very different, only a few dozen IP. Suspected IP statistics before the transaction is the brush. So the buyer asked to stand back, when after the retreat. Crooks quickly pull black. Buyers "station" "money" two empty. Found fooled, and report. Buyers want to own experience to inform you of this station along the anti deception.

http://s.bbs.admin5.com/thread-175779-1-1.html buyers announced details of the liar.

(Note: network transactions should be careful not to be used by blandishments. Artificial intermediary is recommended to avoid losses.