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reports, the United States a week Silicon Valley dynamic reports, company bankruptcy consulting well-known Sherwood partners, said social networks may face closures, will emerge in the next second to fourth quarters, is a negative signal from the market, on the other hand to strengthen the regulatory policy also seems to make prospects for the development of social network is worrying.

reported that British Prime Minister Cameron recently said publicly that the riots in North London, the social network to fan the flames role, so the British government is considering the future riots, to close the micro blog and other social networking sites, or to prevent rioters using these social networking tools series. In addition, the New York City Police Department has also recently set up a special department responsible for tracing the twitter or Facebook and other social networking sites announced plans to commit crimes or to show off the facts of the crime.

thunder is Sheng social network seems to really want to face a major reshuffle, the market outlook is bleak, under the dual pressure of strict regulatory pressure, the social network will really sound economic flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum? Special observers, senior telecom marketing and strategic consulting expert Wang Yuquan believes that network supervision should be legal and practical synchronization.

social networking collapse shows its hot

host: you have just come back from the United States, can be combined with personal feelings to say, is not really like Sherwood partners predicted that the collapse of social networking is approaching.

Wang Yuquan: it should be like this. The social network is now the hot investment in the Internet, a lot of innovation enterprises as a breakthrough in this direction, the entire Internet industry which has the chance to make 10 or 100 companies, each company can get some more or less support, finally selected the best company to become better, or other failures, or by mergers and acquisitions. So any new thing in the field of the Internet, accompanied by overheating and bankruptcy. The collapse of social networks, just to illustrate the social network is now a hot spot.

Moderator: you are not feeling there is such a trend in the United States


Wang Yuquan: it should be, but a wide range of failures are a bit absolute. Now there is a trend of overheating investment, but there will be a lot of social networks will be acquired, because they are valuable, so they may be Google or Facebook, twitter these companies acquired. There is another class may also win, their business is very good, they will grow, like Ding Ga, including the company of angry birds, these companies are in fact with the social network finally became the winner. So when we see someone inside the bankruptcy, do not think that this industry has declined, in fact, this industry is booming.

social networking bubble is not serious

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