May 7th, the netizen to whip Niu Shi said, white-collar social networking site Amy community ( the domain name holder is a famous telecom solutions provider HUAWEI company. Bianews then landed the domain name whois query site to verify. The results show that the domain name was registered in 2000, by the end of 2008 the change of ownership, the current ownership is owned by HUAWEI.



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After the discovery of

Bianews landing, Amy network is a social networking site using the UCenterHome platform, the layout and the mainstream website SNS website provides similar, log, albums, groups, voting, sharing and other basic applications, to meet the workers online park recreation and entertainment demand.

news sources for Amy network is MySpace Chinese District, former director of operations at the snake. In February of this year, HUAWEI and social networking site signed a cooperation agreement of about 100 million yuan network equipment, equipment to provide the overall solution. At that time, the industry will be involved in the operation of HUAWEI guess SNS suddenly noisy dust.

at present, SNS is still the hot topic on the Internet, SNS site can blossom everywhere. Recently, there is news that e-commerce website Alibaba is about to launch SNS services, China Mobile’s social networking site 139 community has also been open registration.