[Abstract] to close the price, Jingdong market capitalization of $28 billion 600 million, ranked third in the listed China Internet Corporation.

Tencent science and technology news May 23rd news, Jingdong mall NASDAQ last night, the opening price of $21.75, compared with $19 issue price rose 14.5% to close at $20.90, compared with the issue price rose by 10%.

shares of the Jingdong in Beijing in May 22nd 23 at the beginning of the transaction, the opening price of $21.75, the highest day rose to $22.50, the minimum to $20.24, $20.90, $19 higher than the issue price rose 10%.

to close the price, the market capitalization of $28 billion 600 million Jingdong, ranked third in the listed China Internet Corporation, second only to Tencent and Baidu. In addition, the Prospectus has been submitted to the United States listed Alibaba, is expected to visit the U.S. capital market in the second half, its market value may be more than 200 billion u.s..

Jingdong Jingdong mall group, the financial group, pat Network, overseas division, the four part of the business are listed in the United States listed assets of Jingdong.

raised $1 billion 780 million

the IPO, Jingdong issued a total of 19 U.S. dollars per share price of $93685620 depositary shares ("ADS"). In this calculation, assuming the Underwriters do not make additional purchase of ADS options, the IPO raised $1 billion 780 million. Is currently the largest Chinese companies on NASDAQ IPO.

in the issue of 93685620 shares of ADS, Jingdong sold 69007360 shares, the sale of shares of shareholders to sell shares of $24678260. Underwriters within 30 days of the date of the exercise of additional options to subscribe for up to 14052840 shares of Jingdong ADS.

assuming no exercise of the underwriters to purchase additional ADS options, the Jingdong is expected to raise $1 billion 310 million at the end of the transaction, will also be through private financing at the same time with the IPO issue price to the Tencent issued 138014720 shares of class a ordinary shares to raise $1 billion 310 million.

Jingdong only issued 10% new shares, while the majority of the company’s issued share capital is 15%-25%. Liu Qiangdong said that the issue of new shares is so little, because the past two years, the Jingdong’s cash flow is very good, only 39 day period, the Jingdong now account and $about 3000000000 in cash, with the Jingdong listed successfully, and got $about 3000000000, therefore, the Jingdong will not have short-term financing plan.

Liu Qiangdong said, the Jingdong will be mainly used in several aspects of the fund-raising purposes, are further to the three or four line of the city expansion in the city of precipitation, the Jingdong’s brand influence and channel resources; engage in fresh areas; carrying out international business.

Liu Qiangdong hopes to find the international business in two to three years to find the feeling