in recent years, double the proposed new technology emerge in an endless stream Internet, mobile Internet is pushing too fast. Most of the traditional enterprises, but also through the transformation of the internet. But in the current form, new economy constantly refresh, enterprise how to more effectively carry out the innovation and transformation? What is the starting point and the key points of the transformation? How to face the impact of the mobile Internet and to seize growth opportunities for traditional enterprises becomes particularly important.


recently, sponsored by the blue Ling software "on the 2016 business transformation summit" held in Guangdong, Dongguan, 500+ /CIO/CKO entrepreneurs gathered to discuss business executives 20+ famous enterprises in the transformation and upgrading of the road. On the meeting, group total aid, beautiful New Hope Valley Song Yun Rong, general manager of Liuhe IT first Biguiyuan vice president Chen Liyan, Lianzhong senior vice president Jiang Chenhong, Hengda Group Vice President Chen Dongfeng, CIO Ceng Xiangyun, Yuanda Group sonhwa Capital Partners Li Wei and other customers / partners in the knowledge management of the enterprise, the transformation of the Internet practice the experience and exploration of theory as the starting point, the dilemma and solution of enterprise transformation of detail.

as a more well-known domestic knowledge management and OA software company, founded in 2001, Ling Ling, the market research and insight will be more meaningful.


in blue Ling chairman Yang Jianwei view, current sharing, create the era, the era of mobile Internet is also transferred to the mobile Internet portal; enterprises should focus more on the value chain, the downstream industry chain connection and service, with the methods of information system of cross-border integration, constructs a new business model. To this end, blue Ling itself in the last year for business transformation and integration, such as the TO C enterprise applications with WeChat connect, connect the cloud application, will meet the needs of enterprise integration in the cloud enterprise application framework for integrating multiple connection, entrance etc..


today, blue Ling office product line in addition to EKP, KMS, KK three core products, but also more love, work, bridge, Yue knowledge of cloud and Internet innovation, knowledge management, collaborative coverage portals, mobile office and other services. It is understood that every day there are more than 8 million employees in the use of the blue Ling provides collaborative office (OA), mobile social networking and knowledge management platform.

, however, for most of the traditional enterprise transformation, ideal and reality is always too full too skinny, the transformation effect of the project still nanjinrenyi.

blue CEO Xu Xia believes that in the Internet plus era, connection is the foundation, integration is inevitable, is the best state of creation. The traditional business model of the past success is no longer applicable to the mobile Internet era. If you want to succeed as an internal revolution like WeChat, not only the need for determination and courage, but also need to embrace this era with an open mind. This reminds me of Zhang Ruimin of Haier in the company about eight policy: >