Fancy is a startup company, as the name suggests, Fancy is a collection of good stuff. However, what is it? From the form of speaking, it is very similar to Pinterest, can take pictures posted up love online atlas. The difference is that Fancy has a very special function, that is, you can buy items in the picture. This is equivalent to the concept of Pinterest and the concept of e-commerce, which is Fancy.

Pinterest is a pioneer in the online atlas, according to the C2C convention, it has many imitators in Chinese, but Pinterest and its imitators are no progress in the business model. The founder of Pinterest earlier in an interview with "Forbes", he even said that on the business into the online atlas practice attacked, "there are a lot of Pinterest copy, has begun to focus on shopping, but they, and brought them no more notice than the Pinterest, because they are too commercial of." Is it true that some users might think so, but the success of sites like seems to prove that social networking has great potential.

Fancy CEO Joe · Einhorn (Joe Einhorn) believes that Fancy is all the online atlas site the most special, he said, "I think other sites mainly focus on the expression of the self, and we are very focused on the commercialization, we think business is our growth, thanks to the high quality of our site the content, we now develop very well."

Fancy is very focused on the commercialization, when they are still in July this year launched a new feature "Buy" (the buy button), the user can insert a Javascript code on their own websites, blogs, and other people will be in your blog website, click "Buy" to buy Fancy the goods. This is the content of the fashion bloggers, absolutely attractive. These bloggers often send pictures of clothes and accessories that match the Fancy content. As a result, these bloggers will no longer have their own blog, put those ugly banners or text ads, but can send their own beautiful pictures as a tool to make money.

addition, it is worth mentioning that, Fancy also launched the Android, iPad and iPhone client, the user can share beautiful pictures on the phone, you can also buy items in the picture. This is really a pioneering work! Yesterday we just sent an article mentioned in the article as Facebook users quickly from the PC to the mobile terminal end of Facebook to be taken by surprise. Mobile Internet