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good news this year to video website capital level is not much, but the policy regulation is more and more strong restrictions: following the video website through the content into the living room, the overseas TV drama SARFT Internet broadcasting policy tightening, the provisions of the purchase of foreign TV drama must not exceed the total amount of video website last year to buy the domestic film and television broadcast series 30% of the total, and April next year without permission in the online play.


administration of strict control of foreign drama

recently SARFT relevant units held a meeting, issued document No. 204 "on the further implementation of the relevant provisions of the notice" management of the online foreign TV drama, then the SARFT official website published relevant short news, said the Administration reiterated that the provisions of the online foreign TV drama management since April 1, 2015, no "films screened permit" or "TV series issued permits" foreign TV drama will not be allowed to play online.

According to Sina

technology was informed of the full text of the document, in addition to the above requirements, SARFT also made more provisions, including restrictions on overseas drama purchase ratio: the total annual single website broadcast to introduce foreign TV drama, no more than the site last year to buy a total of 30% domestic broadcast television drama. At the same time, the introduction of foreign film and television drama network needs to play the first distribution, can not be introduced only for the purpose of special sales.

administration at the same time, the video site should be the website of the year last year to introduce a plan, before the end of the Provincial Bureau of press and publication of the early nuclear, reporting to the SARFT, and provide the relevant proof on the site a year to buy a domestic film and television drama.

SARFT will in February 20th of each year, the website will comply with the declaration to the introduction of foreign TV drama information related to the planning requirements, the registration in the online foreign TV drama the introduction of unified information platform "(hereinafter referred to as the" Registration Platform ") issued, for the relevant website.

SARFT also stipulates that the video site to buy foreign film and television drama copyright, should be signed within 3 working days after registration on the registration platform. SARFT to upload the information after verification, coupled with the program registration serial number, will be announced on the website. The site at the time of the broadcast, to indicate the registration serial number in the program titles, not playing on the platform without registration of foreign TV drama.

SARFT also stipulates that the introduction of foreign film and television drama style should be healthy, from April next year to prohibit the broadcast of unregistered foreign drama.

8 months response period

According to the

video staff said that the notice before actually reaffirm the policy, and began to strict control.

Prior to the introduction of the video site

foreign film and television drama approval process is relatively simple, as long as access to foreign films and TV series copyright, simple registration before the broadcast on the line, do not need to obtain a special permit. Prior to SARFT will give the video site personnel training, so that the video site related personnel have the qualifications of the trial, >