November 1st, Taobao mall announced the official launch of an independent domain name (, at the same time, Taobao will invest 200 million yuan in the next 3 months, to promote the Taobao mall brand.


Taobao mall launched an independent domain name, and put on the bus stop advertising

Taobao mall also announced a new development strategy: on the existing basis, to provide personalized consumer navigation services for consumers according to the different characteristics of goods, and through the integration of logistics supply chain in the backend, integrated logistics information, establish the logistics industry service standards and processes.

addition, Taobao mall will invest 200 million yuan in the next 3 months, covering the country, covering a variety of media branding campaign.

Taobao CFO Zhang Yong said Taobao mall B2C vertical market strategy is an extension of the whole big Taobao strategy. Its mission is not only to complete the transaction, but more importantly, according to the characteristics of the vertical market, the value chain of e-commerce. Based on this, Taobao mall will be based on different industries respectively to establish the standard, cooperative relationship and the relationship between the distribution of benefits between the framework of Taobao mall, merchants, all kinds of service partners, the establishment of e-commerce ecosystem in the field of new B2C.

previously, there is news that the Alibaba insiders, from the beginning of September this year, a number of departments of Taobao logistics project group has begun to study logistics partners and storage sites in the major city. Data show that the current Taobao business has accounted for a lot of courier business volume of 50% ~ 80%.