a sales plan, which refers to the overall planning of a variety of sales promotion activities in order to achieve the desired sales target before the market sales and services. Its mission is to provide a guide to the gradual change of the "future time" into the "present continuous time", and the marketing plan is the blueprint for the enterprise to carry out the marketing activities.

marketing program must have a clear objective, obvious comprehensive, strong pertinence, outstanding operation, exact and clear features, which reflect the "around the theme, clear purpose, meticulous and thoughtful specific, a simple strategy, clear requirements.

a. Marketing positioning

positioning to start from a product, that product may be a commodity, a service, an agency. It could be you. But positioning is not what you do with the product. In other words, the positioning of the object is not a product. Instead, the idea of a potential customer is what you’re going to do with the potential customers in the future, that is, you have to identify a suitable location for the product in the minds of potential customers.

two. Marketing selling point

selling point marketing is the marketing of the consumer to buy a desire to sell a means or skills, specifically to show their own characteristics and advantages of the product, and refined language and presentation.

1 quality selling point

2 function selling point

3 color selling point

4 price selling point

5 modeling selling point

6 image selling point

7 channel selling point

three. Marketing concept

pay close attention to the competitor and customer demand of every slight change, to seize the market changes in the opportunity, using all the company’s internal and external conditions, is always better than competitors early step out more can meet customer demand for products, product differentiation by changing, service differentiation, marketing strategy difference. Beat the competition and gain competitive advantage.

four. Marketing pain points

pain point marketing requirements in the marketing process of each step must seize the customer pain point, core pain points marketing is based on a comparison, so to make good use of the pain point must be to target consumers to create a fish and bear’s paw can not be feeling, so that consumers feel not to buy your products and services will be "pain".

everything before making any decisions, then simple marketing projects have to be planned before implementation, analysis should be based on data. The market is not a solidification of isolated things, there is also the possibility of unlimited demand. Based on the market, does reduce some blindness, but only with the market view, marketing is not enough.

marketing is an uncertainty