as in the previous work often used to electronic journals to increase user stickiness and increase the company’s revenue, if I will have time to write a series of experience in electronic journal promotion: electronic journal production, mailing list database, how to reduce the total electronic journal as spam processing,…… Today’s topic is how to improve the electronic journal hits and open rates, are sending electronic journal group, electronic journal title, electronic journals, electronic journal content in the image processing, to remind the mail sent, send electronic magazine.

, an electronic journal sent group

is a mailing list, which is related to the degree of perfection of your mailing list database (I will write an article about how to better establish the mailing list database, electronic journal later) open rate depends largely on your e-mail you send a letter, such as "2009 annual auto industry report" for a only know that the "non mainstream" 90, you can think about what kind of results.

two, Electronic Journal Title

1, the title is clear: the subject of electronic journals, must accurately describe the contents of the current electronic journal, the user can clearly know the contents of the electronic journal from the title, in order to attract specific user groups to read;

2, the title of the electronic journal in the display, the general display of a paragraph, not all display, so the most influential information on the front part of the title;

3, Electronic Journal Title close to the current hot topic of the industry, popular technology and popular products, to provide users with the most concerned about the problem, only in order to attract readers through the content of in-depth reading.

such as: now for your baby mother group to send: "Dumex trap" stone door, click rate is high!

three, electronic journal content:

1, the length of electronic journals should not be too long, should not be more than three screens. Many users have to print electronic journal reading habits, in making electronic journal pages and three pages, taking into account the habits of users, the convenience of the reader in a single page, you can print out the required content.

2, the choice of electronic journal articles, according to the interest of your group to select the point of choice, if you can make personalized electronic journals that is better. Users can get real benefits from the electronic journals, customer advocacy category of the article, it is recommended to put less.

3, for the electronic magazine content, still need to edit the increase in the content of the "charm", click on the article for electronic journals, recommend the use of incentives to encourage editors to provide popular articles, for example, an article of more than 50 hits, the award 10 yuan or more. The purpose of this is to allow the editor to fully understand the hot spots in the industry, to develop the professional sensitivity of editors, grasp the pulse of the industry, take the initiative to seize the user psychology.

4, according to the number of hits in the first five weeks in more than 10 of the article, click on the distribution map, summed up the Electronic Journal >