"I don’t do my job. I got a job this year." Dai told reporters from Jiangxi, he has to say goodbye to the free life of the webmaster.

at the beginning of last year, the country’s SNS boom, Mr. Dai also founded a SNS site, but also quite popular. According to him, there is a maximum of 10 million registered a day. But at the end of the year, the anti vice storm swept across the country, registration and supervision of the more strict personal website.


told reporters that their website server was moved to Jiangxi from Guangdong Shantou to Ganzhou, then moved to Jingdezhen and finally to Nanchang. "Every time we have to stop a lot of days, it would have been very good development, and later there is no traffic and income." In May this year, he finally decided to turn off the site and start looking for a job.

Dai is just a microcosm of a large number of small and medium-sized webmaster. Qiu Song, editor in chief of the station, told reporters: "at present, the domestic small and medium-sized websites are under pressure, some websites are closed or moved overseas."

a report from the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) may prove this fact. According to CNNIC released the twenty-sixth China Internet development statistics report shows that in the first half of this year, China’s total number of domain names fell to 11 million 210 thousand,.CN accounted for the total number of domain names fell from 80% to 64.7%. In addition, the number of sites decreased from 3 million 230 thousand in January to $2 million 790 thousand, a decrease of 440 thousand. This is since 2006 statistics, the number of Chinese domain names for the first time decline.

although we cannot blindly inferred from the digital, the disappearing sites are small websites, but one thing is clear: in the current network supervision, lack of social resources and the lack of ability to resist risks of small and medium-sized websites, often is the first impact group.

seems to Qiu Song, the disappearance of the 440 thousand sites must be part of the law itself is vulgar, but also that they lead to so many sites have been implicated. He believes that raising the threshold, regulate access is a good thing, but we are afraid of one size fits all.

delete posts

Liu Jing is a doctoral student in Beijing University, she used her spare time to help the teacher to take care of a new media academic website. In order to weaken the school’s official website background, and not affiliated in the north of the server, and the students themselves to rent a server.

in March last year, this includes news, forums, communities, a small site formally launched. Initially, the site can also play the nature of Peking University students, leading some cutting-edge discussions. The site also gathered a lot of popularity, in many small and medium-sized stations belong to mixed well".

however, the station closed one after another event to let Liu Jing confidence hit. In June 13th this year, Liu Jing found the site can not open. Because after the April had been shut down experience, this time, Liu Jing immediately with the service provider to provide contact. The other admitted that they had cut off the server