lead: banbishan real to the moon, a Qingming return concert." Since ancient times, tea is elegant thing, many literati poems singing the China Sao Hakka tea culture, which is in the modern, tea is the most widely accepted China people drink. But everyone knows that tea is good, but not everyone can say where everyone loves tea, tea, but it is hard to say that everybody knows how to tea. There is such a vertical type of media business, aimed at the current lack of Authoritative Tea scoring system pain points, to the popularity of tea culture to move the tea market.

tea cultural power of the small awkward

in October, the clouds faded, no heat, the sun to the right temperature, many places in the most beautiful season of the year, is about to close to nature, people can’t help a long-term perspective, expressing feelings. For people who have entered the autumn tea picking period, began to mass market.

many people are aware of the spring and autumn tea know precious, probably not many people. But if a Pu’er Tieguanyin, tea, and oolong tea, and everyone for having heard it many times, this kind of Pu’er tea, autumn tea is better than the general idea of spring tea, summer tea.

in fact, as early as in the Tang Dynasty, Chinese have cited autumn tea habit, the ancients said, "spring and summer vegetables is bitter, astringent, drink, autumn autumn dew dew", refers to the autumn tea. Because of the fall of less precipitation, dry climate, in the development of tea, picking and production process can be maintained to the maximum extent of the aroma of tea, taste is not the spring, summer tea bitter, more peaceful.

if you want to extend, the light is the classification of tea can be a book. In the history of mankind, I am afraid that there is no such a drink as tea has a long history, both mass basis, but also for a variety of high-end business occasions. If you really want to compare, coffee and wine can be considered similar to tea. Unfortunately, whether it is coffee or wine, have a professional rating system, famous coffee beans or red wine can be in the auction price, while the tea is from no such treatment.

"if China can have a native brand to the world, and the output of culture, tea may be the best opportunity." Tea language network founder Zhang Yang said.

tea language network founder and general manager Mr. Zhang Yang

look at the domestic tea market, it can be said is not standardized. From a consumer perspective, the tea knowledge sciolistic, the network is full of Green Tea is not hurt the stomach "," which "Oolong Tea," how much "Mingqian Longjing such a problem, a lot of people do not know where to buy affordable good tea; tea from the point of view, hard work for a lifetime, also do not know where to promote their tea, there is no authoritative channel to give scores and provide guidance on the price of tea, the tea market in a fog.

"tea tea origin Chinese scattered countless small farmers to carry out planting, processing, tea products without a strong brand, and the tea.