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"I am" age 3 "" age 4 "" Wolf Totem "" old boy "movie investor, oh, one!" when someone "90" very playfully "talk nonsense", you don’t doubt, he said the nine out of ten. At the moment, "Internet plus movie" brings, not just from the online ticket seat selection of this kind of small and convenient, but let ordinary people the whole process of this one and that one investment, production, customer service can easily in a movie. Under the tide of the Internet, there is a hundred years of history of the film industry is undergoing tremendous changes.

movies and the Internet open love mode

movie giant Internet thinking

when the Internet Movie and territories, both sides quickly entered the "love mode allowing no explanation".

for the traditional film companies, the Internet this barbaric girlfriend whether you like it or not, have to love. In fact, only those who can adapt to the trend of the development of the Internet and know how to break through the capital of the film and television companies, but also can not be eliminated by the market. Combing the Huayi Brothers (300027 shares), the Internet giant television idea of light, you will find several similar:

one, in the script, to expand the game, literature and other cultural areas of business, to achieve IP (intellectual property) symbiosis, a synergistic effect;

two, in the play, the shares of video sites, expand the online broadcast channels to achieve content and channel side win;


three, ticketing, online ticketing platform and acquisitions or cooperation, explore the online publishing business, enhance the attendance rate;

four, in the marketing, locking fans to enhance the participation of fans, fans around the precise marketing, sale derivatives, bigger fans economy".

this is now the six largest Internet company’s list of movies:


investment in June 2010 zhangqu (online reading platform, relating to the script source) to get a 22% stake; December 2013 joint Tencent fan interactive platform shadow Star Alliance was founded in June 2014; investment blockbuster network 51% stake; November 2014 set by Ali, Tencent, both for Huayi Brothers second shareholders, shareholders are 8.08%.


June 2014 acquisition of hot front network; in December 2014 announced the establishment of a free video site with 360; in March 2015 to acquire a strategic stake in Ali, shares accounted for 8.08%.


may start from online ticketing.

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has Internet genes, the use of LETV (300104, stock it), Le shadow off, the ground system data for the project