this is a breath too slow in the industry: Sina, Tencent two micro-blog did not dispute that what has been leisurely hit "light blogging" brand, known as the integration of interactive content and advantages of micro-blog high quality blog; Android, apple two intelligent mobile phone platform is still who download and play bickering, Lei Jun 1999 yuan millet mobile phone with free voice intercom software m chat gathering a large number of fans; "digging", "financing", "layoffs door" is the group purchase website the latest headlines, Wo Wo Group, Gaopeng has begun to try O2O (online to offline, online to offline marketing localization)…… In this dazzling, the glint and flash of cold steel, China Internet Conference, all sorts of "chaos" and "chaos" concentrated outbreak, most of the major companies, or stand in the assembly for ten years on the node, the next ten years to become a leader. If you have to use a word to describe, that is –

is always full of vitality, always full of fighting spirit, which is the natural characteristics of the Internet people. Be an anachronism is the Internet’s most disdain to do, pointing the future is the entrepreneur’s excitement. Which appeared on the Internet Conference on business leaders, in the imagination of the next ten years the Internet was invariably standing together, standing on a new battlefield on the mobile Internet is full of vigour. Look forward together, they see the mobile Internet will change the entire economic and social life, to see the mobile Internet spawned countless once unthinkable emerging markets, see the mobile Internet will breed trillion industry scale, also saw the mobile Internet will be a wave of violent evolution. Micro-blog, group purchase, cloud computing, community, payment, video, search, security, many enterprises in the field of "look ahead" at the same time, but also to "money" agree without prior without previous consultation, in describing the dream and plan for the future, to promote products, on the back of the fault, is a new attempt to new understanding and the mobile Internet as a new power of the commercial value of the internet. Let the mobile Internet outbreak more powerful commercial value, is the strongest voice of the Internet conference.

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Internet profound impact on economic and social

from the Ministry of industry minister Miao Wei, Vice Minister of the Internet association, chairman of the board of directors of the Internet, "pet" in line with the. Miao Wei said at the opening ceremony, we should give full play to the Internet in the transformation of economic development mode, adjust and optimize the industrial structure to support and promote the role, to better benefit the economic and social development, for the benefit of improving people’s life. Liu Lihua pointed out that as a trading platform, the Internet has become an important channel of distribution, make more and more traditional enterprises to enter the field of electronic commerce, as a working platform, Internet service support to enterprises from supply chain management, enterprise resource management, financial management gradually penetrated into the whole process of production and operation, promote the informatization level of traditional the company improve. Hu Qiheng pointed out that the scale of the Internet industry continues to expand, in the service and business models continue to >