is also a product, why the gap so big man!


June 17, 2015 17 PM 6, Nora CEO Wang Xin before his wife released a "Hello husband in micro-blog?" long micro-blog, just 2 hours, reading rewards exceeded 800 thousand, more than 2600 people, including Tang Yan, Yao Jinbo, Li Xueling, such as a public Internet.

said Nora, people can not help but sadly sigh, as the best country to do the best video products, Nora is always accompanied by the "piracy" and "pornographic" original sin. Wang Xin even though I have tried to change, launched the adverse information reporting system, and in 2013, Nora said it would in the coming year invested 100 million yuan for the construction of genuine content, innovation investment 30 million yuan to support domestic micro film.

but Wang Xin eventually to broadcast the "original sin" paid the price, although Wang Xin said: "it is undeniable that in the early stage of pirated content to help our customers develop rapidly, outside or on Nora indeed there are many misunderstandings. In a statement, this phenomenon is called enterprise’s original sin, but Nora did not sin."

Wang Xin was arrested for public opinion, caused an uproar, citing a netizen words "rape is not caught, caught selling condoms." In July of the same year, Wang Xin, who was arrested on suspicion of the crime of spreading pornographic products was transferred to the Haidian District procuratorate for prosecution.

but for Wang Xin’s charges, the industry has been controversial. Director of the Ministry of Public Security Bureau Liu Shaowu said in an interview with the CCTV: the judicial interpretation of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the supreme law stipulates that online communication, manufacturing, trafficking and replication of pornographic information, still give the services provided, to be punished as an accomplice.

and honorary president of Beijing Normal University Institute of criminal law Gao Mingxuan, Beijing Normal University Institute of criminal law and law school dean Zhao Bingzhi et al to demonstrate the view that: "our company and Wang Xin on the subjective obscene articles in Nora software on the spread of fault, but not intentionally".

evidence on the basis of the material, Nora company to fulfill its statutory obligations, the implementation of the internal control measures obscene video. Due to the many ways to avoid the Internet users, in the existing technical conditions, no matter what means and methods are difficult to completely eliminate the spread of pornographic materials.

although Nora’s these measures did not screened all pornographic videos, but it did not fulfill the statutory obligations and Nora can not be equated between.

is the most important, the experts also pointed out: "in this case, although the network users can watch pornographic videos by Nora player, but not from the publisher, Nora’s search, download and other network users at no charge, users in the network view before watching the video ads.