August 4 Hangzhou Xinhua (reporter Zhang Yao) 4 announced the launch of "fake quick refund services, in the future if consumers doubt in Taobao bought a fake and apply for a refund, the system has been assessed as" background suspected of selling fake goods ", the system will refund immediately, simplifies the go consultation the process of rights of way.

according to reports, the fake fast refund behind, is Taobao commodity supervision system and consumer rights system to get through. For Taobao has been punished and under the framework of the suspected counterfeit goods in the future, if consumers apply for a refund, the system will automatically obtain identification information, make "refund" judgment, "seconds back". In the past, such orders through the application, upload documents, and other ways to negotiate with the seller, it may take about 7 days to receive a refund.

Taobao side said, in addition to fakes, banned the sale of goods, fraud transactions will also be included in the fast refund processing system. Once the goods are Taobao background identified as restriction of the sale of goods, or have been confirmed to be speculation, fraud and other bad credit transactions, customer service will be similar to the corresponding rights approach involving fake processing, system will be quick way to protect the interests of consumers a refund.

according to the Security Department of Alibaba group responsible person, in recent years, Ali and public security, quality supervision departments to increase the crackdown; Alibaba’s security team consisting of 2000 people, at the same time, with the help of full-time for fake commodities; suspected fake data location, combined with a variety of means to determine the fake verification.